Overview of Ihsan Team

Meet the Trustees

To ensure good effective governance and provide leadership and vision, a charity needs trustees with particular qualities and specialised skills. This allows the charity to fulfil its purpose in a manner that instils confidence in the hearts and minds of its supporters and beneficiaries.

Furthermore, with the plethora of scholars and professionals in our local community, it is important to work with seniors who have always guided the community and helped provide expert knowledge. For this reason, Ihsan Compassion Fund has three senior scholars who are the main advisors. They have also been mentioned on the list to instil confidence in the hearts and minds of the supporters and beneficiaries.

The Ihsan Compassion Fund is overseen by three trustees who are reputable Batley/Dewsbury Community members. All the trustees have experience working with the local community and are always in consultation with the senior scholars (mentioned below). They always discuss and gain guidance from the senior scholars of the community.


  • (Moulana) Muneeb Patel – Awaiting Bio
  • (Moulana) Tehsin Abo Bareerah – Awaiting Bio
  • Sulaiman Aswat – Awaiting Bio.

Senior Scholars

  • Moulana Marghoub Ahmed
  • Qari Hanif Patel